Governor Nyong’o meets management and sugarcane farmers of Muhoroni Sugar Factory

Governor Anyang' Nyong'o in a meeting with management and sugarcane farmers of Muhoroni Sugar Factory on June 8, 2018.
Kisumu County Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o held a joint meeting with the farmers and the top management of Muhoroni Sugar Factory which was rapidly shut down.
The factory which is currently under receivership is being managed by a General Manager Mr. Nashon Osieko together with two receivership managers Mr. Fredrik Kebeney and Mr. Asa Okoth who are facing allegations from the farmers on embezzlement of funds.
According to the General Manager Mr. Osieko the issues bedevilling Muhoroni Sugar Company are regulatory issues, claiming that Kenya Revenue Authority raided into their coffers making them unable to pay farmers and transporters.
The farmers through their secretary general Mr. Noah Opiyo presented their memorandum to the Governor consisting of their plights and those of the transporters of Muhoroni Sugar Factory. They remained hellbent in their bid to see the top management leave office as they pave way for investigations to take place.
Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o on his part urged the farmers and the management to sit down together and come up with a proposal which he can present to the Permanent Secretary of Agriculture Mr. Richard Lesiyampe to come up with remedies that can revive Muhoroni Sugar Factory, citing that inhouse fights will not solve the elephant in the room but instead worsen the situation.
By Kisumu County press unit