Governor Obado orders for a detailed employee headcount to do away with ghost workers

Migori County Governor Okoth Obado.
Migori County Governor Okoth Obado has said there is need to occasionally conduct a headcount that involves verification of the existence of employees at each work station and validation of their existence in the county government payroll. He said this will also save the county government millions of shillings that are paid to ghost workers.
In 2016, all the county government workers participated in headcount that helped weed out ghost works. The method worked well as it helped caught the ghost staff.
Because of this, the Migori County boss ordered for a detailed employee headcount for all categories of staff; permanent and pensionable, fixed duration contracts and casual workers.
He said this will enable his administration to establish exact number of employees in the county payroll and to know their monthly wage bills, establish whether all the names in the payroll are genuine county employees and that they are physically present on the ground.
The exercise will kick off today. The Governor said this is a must exercise for every staff of the county government of Migori.