KYFA to empower girl-child through football training and coaching.

Kisumu Youths Football Association (KYFA) has put proper strategies to empower girl-child through football training and coaching.
Speaking to the press at a training pitch at Moi Stadium in Kisumu, KYFA manager and Chief Executive Officer, Kisumu All-stars Starlets, Mr. Kevin Obware said that the association identifies youths who have talents in football from the age of 10 – 18 years whom are then trained to nurture and enhance their skills in football.
Mr. Obware further said that the association also organizes with Netherland Football Team where they airlift coaches to be trained in Netherlands and later use the trained coaches to train these young ladies in shaping their skills.
Mr. Obware also said that the association organizes different tournaments yearly where they engage these young ladies in different competitions where they get donors and sponsors who give them funds to manage and support the football team.
He also urged the parents who have young talented ladies in football to bring them to the training camps so that they are helped up in shaping their football skills that many people for a long time have only assumed to be gentlemen’s game.
Mr. Obware also urged the donors and even governments to come out and give support to such associations who are out in nurturing young talents all over the country.
Kisumu All-stars Starlets coach, Mr. Juma Saidi also encouraged young ladies who have talents in football and are idle after completing High school to join the football team and enhance their skills.
He also urged the society to avoid stereotype that football is only men’s game and support these young talented ladies in nurturing their football talents.
Kisumu All-stars Starlets captain, Winnie Okello also urged other parents and the society in general to be supportive to young ladies talented in football just as her parents and the community around her has been to her.