Lake Regional Bloc engage youth leaders in a sensitization strategy meeting

Lake Regional Bloc held a sensitization strategy meeting that brought together the Fourth estate and the youth leaders drawn across the 14 member counties forming the bloc in a bid to enlighten them on the LREB blue print, the legal agreement, Bank project and the LREB ratification bill.
While addressing the meeting, LREB CEO Mr Abala Wanga underscored the significance of the youths in respect to being the watchdogs if the society and the need to involve them in matters of governance.
Mr John Manyolo Oloo head of Stratergy and planning emphasised the need leveraging the number of the people within the bloc without loosing the identity of their respective counties while also sharing the available resources within our means.
He further articulated article 6 of the legal instrument which establishes the bloc and it’s organs and explained the synergies within the key pillars.
This meeting provides the latitude for public participation at a time when the 14 member county assemblies are expected to ratify the bill
The youth leaders will be expected to conduct sensitization programme to the general public across the region.