Menstrual Hygiene Day


The #MHDay was treading the whole day yesterday with different heartfelt messages being sent all over social media supporting and spreading knowledge about the stigma surrounding menstrual bleeding, terming it as a discrimination against women and girls. International organisations came out echoing the same thing, Unicef  India uprising the standards of the event by sending videos across the globe.

In Mombasa, Mvita MP AbdulSwamad Shariff Nassir support the seek to raise awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide face due to their menstruation and the best solution is to address there challenges and geared towards their privacy, safety and dignity. No child should be limited to its potentials.

Hon. Esther M Passaris twitted “The stigma around Menstrual bleeding is a form of discrimination against women and girls for being who they are, and we must break the silence around it. there’s great potential in empowering girls by implementing the Basic Education Amendment Act 2017.”#MHDay2018 #NoMoreLimits.