Nairobi Hospital confirms James Nyamongo as CEO


The Nairobi Hospital board has confirmed James Nyamongo as the chief executive officer.

Nyamongo was appointed in acting capacity on December 7, 2020.

Board chairman Irungu Ndirangu in a statement noted that the management appreciated the progress that the CEO had made towards the transformation of the hospital, adding that he had enhanced the performance of its core business.

“His focus, going forward, is to implement the hospital’s Strategic Plan 2019-2024 to transform the hospital into a premier healthcare facility in Eastern and Central Africa region,” Ndirangu said.

“With an illustrious career spanning over 28 years, Nyamongo brings on board  unique experience that blends strategic management with financial management across various organisations,” he added.

Nyamongo replaced Dr Allan Pamba who was sacked in October last year barely six months after his appointment.

In a letter dated October 2, Ndirangu said Pamba’s probation would not be extended because he had failed to provide a performance improvement plan.

Irungu said the board of management sat on October 2 and resolved not to confirm Pamba, but terminate his contract.

Pamba was appointed as the CEO on March 4 and had taken over from Christopher Abeid who was serving in acting capacity after Gordon Odundo was fired over differences with board members.

The entire board of management was sent packing in 2019 after a stormy annual general meeting in November. 

Six members were fired following the audit of the Sh5.7 billion hospital expansion project launched in 2016. Four members had resigned in advance. 

The audit by Ernst and Young, discussed at the meeting, revealed procurement irregularities and conflicts of interest in the project. 

Prior to joining TNH, Nyamongo worked at the Kenya Pipeline Company, where he discharged his role with distinction as the facilities and right of way manager as well as the manager in charge of administration.

Before then, he worked at National Oil Corporation of Kenya, Christian Health Association of Kenya, Friends Hospital Kaimosi and Ministry of Co-operative Development.

He has also consulted for the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, East African Development Bank and African Development Bank.

“In all these roles, Nyamongo demonstrated his acumen in driving business change, providing organisational leadership and embracing teamwork,” Ndirangu noted.In congratulating Nyamongo on his appointment, the board described his experience as a great asset and assured him of their support to steer The Nairobi Hospital into a sustainable future.