President Uhuru wraps up G7 summit with PM Trudeau talks

President Uhuru Kenyatta holding bilateral talks with Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Quebec City on June 10, 2018
President Uhuru Kenyatta wrapped up the G7 summit on Sunday, with pledges from Canada to back Kenya’s plans to tap its Ocean resources and improve two-way investment.
President Kenyatta met his host Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Quebec City for bilateral talks, and the Canadian leader committed to working to strengthen bilateral and trade relations between the two countries.
Prime Minister Trudeau assured President Kenyatta that he would bring a large delegation to Kenya for the blue economy summit as a move to boost the creation of new opportunities out of oceans and seas resources.
President Kenyatta and Prime Minister Trudeau discussed the increasing opportunities for investment in the blue economy and how those opportunities could be leveraged to promote industrial growth and create more quality jobs.
Prime Minister Trudeau pledged Canada’s continued support and partnership with Kenya, saying he was looking to further strengthen it for the mutual benefit of the two countries.
President Kenyatta hailed Prime Minister Trudeau’s plan for Canada to offer $2.9 billion with the help of its G7 partners to fund education for the world’s poorest girls and women.
President Kenyatta presented the PM with a sentimental gift, a picture of the Canadian leader during a visit to Kenya as a young boy in the 1980s.
Canada on Saturday announced the education fund, terming it one of the single largest investments in education for women and girls in developing countries.
It is projected that the proposed investment in education could help educate more than eight million children and teenagers.
President Kenyatta also commended Prime Minister Trudeau for steering the expanded “outreach segment” of the G7, which discussed concrete actions to protect the health of marine environment and ensure a sustainable use of marine resources as part of a renewed agenda to increase global biodiversity protection.
Leaders of Argentina, Bangladesh, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Marshall Islands, Norway, Rwanda (Chair of the African Union), Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa and Vietnam attended the outreach with the G7.
In a communiqué issued at the end of the Summit, the G7 leaders endorsed the “Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Coastal Communities” that seeks to improve oceans knowledge, promote sustainable oceans and fisheries, support resilient coasts and coastal communities.
The blueprint also seeks to address the plastic waste and marine litter.
The G7 leaders also affirmed that Africa’s security, stability and sustainable development were high priorities for them and reiterated their support for African-led initiatives, including at regional level.
“We reiterate our commitment to work in partnership with the African continent, supporting the African Union Agenda 2063 in order to realize Africa’s potential,” the G7 communiqué said in part.
The leaders of the most industrialized countries in the world pledged to promote African capabilities to better prevent, respond to, and manage crisis and conflicts; and to strengthen democratic institutions.