Religious leaders call for constitutional amendments to reduce wage bill.

Photo Courtesy:Members of the National assembly at Parliament during a past session.

The Ufungamano joint forum of religious leaders  are  now calling for a comprehensive constitutional amendments to reduce the country’s wage bill  saying that  a huge wage bill and extremely huge debt that has continually affected the growth of Kenya’s economy.

Addressing the media yesterday the group is calling for the reduction in the number of constituencies from 290 to 150, a further reduction in the number of Senators from the current 67 to 16.

“Currently, there are 47 counties and 290 constituencies. The counties should be reduced to 16 and the current counties become sub-counties.The counties are too many and some are not viable. The counties should be clustered into viable economic blocks,” said the Organization’s Secretary General Charles Wambugu

The religious  leaders further proposed scrapping of ministries and nominations in the National Assembly. They are of the view that ministries should be reduced to 16 from the current 22

They religious leaders were calling for the proposed  changes to be effected soonest even if it meant the country holding a mid-term general elections under the amended constitution

“This changes we have proposed should be made as soon as possible even if it means holding mid-term general elections under the amended constitution. this is possible with the necessary political will and appreciation that Kenyans cannot afford to wait for another 5 years beyond 2022 with the heavy burden facing it.” added Charles