Siaya County set to role out new and transformative projects

Siaya County Governor Cornel Rasanga with County Executive Committee members.
Siaya County is set to role out new and transformative projects as the Governor, Cornel Rasanga faces the last years of his final term in office. Speaking at the Cathedral Church of Praise in Siaya Township Ward, Alego-Usonga Constituency over the weekend, the governor assured county residents that the design of these projects will add immense value to the livelihood of the people.
The county executive pointed towards some of these projects, especially those that are work in progress and affirmed his commitment and hands on approach untill their completion. Presently, he confirmed, prospects for the stadium project to be completed have been mapped on a 2 year trajectory.
The county is in the process of signing in a contractor with capacity to set this work within its right frame of time and in standard quality. When completed, youth will have the opportunity to advance their sporting talents and also county and national activities will find proper ground to be conducted in the facility.
Other projects that the governor, who was accompanied by the county First Lady, Mama Rozila, and other county officials, highlighted include: free medical care for the aged and the establishment of a girl’s centre.
Under the Universal Healthcare plan and in liaison with the National Health Insurance Fund, the elderly regarded from the age of 60 years onwards will be considered in public hospitals in a move that will ensure they are treated free of charge within Siaya County. This is aimed at reducing dependency ratio in relation to youths and therefore empowering youths to channel their disposable income back to the economy as the county takes care of their dependants.
A girl’s centre, modelled in the blueprint of the Starehe Boys Center is set to be achieved also in the frame of the governor’s remaining years of his last term in office. The centre will absorb girls from challenged backgrounds and oversee their education upto university level.
Having an educated people, the governor recognized, will enable the county to progress as education has the ability to transform individual’s livelihoods.
Politically, the governor embraced the national mood being precipitated by the opposition-government peace move terming it as good for the economy. He also asked the local area MCA James Otare, to be at the forefront in helping this drive reach into the grassroots.
Constructive politics, he said, is the ultimate foundation for a society that is keen and honest about development and most importantly, cohesion and tolerance. He also reached out to his political opponents in the last general election, Jakoyo Midiwo and Nicholas Gumbo desiring that they work together to help build Siaya County.