Singer Arielle Alexa


Arielle Cowie aka Arielle Alexa was born in Trinidad and has been
performing ever since. Her song “Drop” was released in 2017. It was
produced by System 32 and Jay Nahge features on it.

She wanted to do something that had a really dark r&b vibe and that was laid back and sexy. She is currently working on some great music with a fantastic team out of Trinidad and Jamaica! She has some fire dancehall tracks releasing soon so she’s really excited.

She has always wanted to do dancehall music so when she started working it just came naturally.  Dancehall, soca, reggae all of that is in her blood, it’s her culture so she will always fuse a piece of the Caribbean into everything that she does.She knew she wanted to be a singer from a young age. It was all that she could dream of.

Every single day she would picture herself performing her music on a huge stage to sold out crowds and she would pray and pray that one day it would come true. She still does and knows she’s headed in the right direction though  and she’s truly blessed to be working with a team that has the same vision and goals as her.

She loves that a lot of the music in East Africa is influenced by dancehall and she sees the ladies representing!!! Naira Ali and Vinka are dope. If she didn’t know any better,she would think that a lot of the artists were from Jamaica. Music is always evolving so it’s really refreshing to discover new sounds and blends that she’s never heard before. East African music is so rich and diverse. There isn’t just one sound and she think that’s amazing.

She can see that artists aren’t afraid to be different and step out of the norm.Because the sounds are so alike,she doesn’t see a major difference in the audience in East Africa versus that of Trinidad and Jamaica. Soca is extremely popular in Trinidad.

It is the main genre of music and is always evolving. Over the past couple
of years, producers have started blending afro beats into their songs and
they have been hits. Aside from Soca, dancehall and reggae are huge in
Trinidad. If Soca isn’t playing on the radio then it’s dancehall or reggae.

2018 is her breakout year for sure since she will be releasing her
dancehall tracks and will be working on a lot of new music and new
sounds!! She would love to work with East African artists and
producers, because as she said before the music is so similar.