The Royal Wedding screening at the Nairobi Windsor Golf Hotel

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their wedding on 19th May 2018.

On the 19th of May 2018 as Prince Harry and his fiance Meghan Markle tie the knot at the St Georges chapel in Windsor, Kenyans had there own plans to be part of the wedding. An  event was put in place to ensure that everyone in attendance will feel at if they were at the real venue at a cost of Ksh 1 million per couple at the Nairobi Windsor Golf Hotel courtesy of DSTV accompanied with a two nights at the hotel and jet ride to Mount Kenya for breakfast the following morning. The event Samathan Bride in collaboration with KTN.

In attendance Former Miss India Kenya and TV personality Pinky Ghelani, Suzzie wakobi of Sizzie Beauty, News Author Betty Kyallo, Socialite Vera Sidika the Standard Group acting CEO Orlando Lyomu together with his wife Pauline, Laikipia Woman Representative Kate Waruguru and many other celebrates got to experience the English-style wedding.

Meanwhile, Kenya was not the only country that held such a ceremony, in Australia, where the British monarch remains the head of state, some pubs held wedding parties, while a cinema chain screened the wedding live across its network. Viewers dressed in finery, with prizes for the most creative outfits.

Indians were not left behind as Priyanka Chopra is a friend to the bride she attended the wedding which made many Indians watch the wedding, a group of Mumbai’s famed dabbawalas, or lunch delivery men, chose a traditional sari dress and kurta jacket as wedding gifts for Harry and his bride, while at the Gurukul School of Art children painted posters of the royal couple and Queen Elizabeth as they celebrated new Duke and Duchess union.

By Neema Mung’aro