A Three Year Old rescued from a Latrine Pit


Residents of Kachieng’ village, Kakelo Dudi sub-location in Rachuonyo East sub-county, were shocked to find a boy in a latrine pit in Homa bay county. The incident occurred in a rental house in the village.
The three-month -old boy narrowly escaped death after spending a lot of time in the pit. the infant was wrapped in a mosquito net. The boy was found by a man who had done for a bath in the toilet which also serves as a bathroom. . Area assistant Chief Jacktone Ogweno said he had to mobilize residents to rescue the boy, which resulted to demolishing a part of the toilet to access the child.”The man heard the child’s’ cries and alarmed fellow tenants”, said the Chief.
“We found the boy still breathing even though the latrine was about three-quarters full,” added the Chief. Nobody is ready to claim ownership of the baby and nobody has complained of a missing a child. We do not understand how somebody could dump him here,’ said Jacob Odongo, a resident.
All this happens after a champion was held to reduce mother-infant death in Homa bay.