This is for you my unborn child.


Wow! I know. This word scares everyone especially ladies. But as what the Englishmen say “Time is great healer.” This makes me wonder is it true? This is a story about a girl named lucky who greatly lost something special to her.

I was watching a certain interview which she was featured in. During that interview she said this,” I had to say goodbye to my little baby, how I wish I could have held you in my arms. Since the day I become pregnant, your father and I thanked the heavens for giving us a huge blessing. But due to a traumatizing event we never got a chance to meet.

All I can say is that as I deeply love you till this day and your father and I we won’t ever forget you ever. You are our sunshine our very sunshine that made us happy till forever. So I know you have gone to join your maker. So just remember that someday we’ll meet.

This is for you my unborn child.”

So for all parents who have had a miscarriage at least know everything has a purpose and God has maybe planned something for you.

Stay strong and don’t give up on everything