Who is Ann Ngirita?


Kenyans have been asking themselves the names which have been named to be the suspects on the allegedly stolen nine million in the NYS scandal. One in particular is Ann Ngirita who rumored to have huge properties, cars, and malls together with her family.

Ann Ngirita at the supreme Court hearing.

During a recent interview a witness says,” I knew the family so long because before they were not that financially well even there were the least financially stable here around.” Another witness says, “As days passed by, Ann bought a farm with eight million which belong to a pastor named ‘pastor Paranjo”. Then days passed, and she bought a lorry, a Hilux car and a Mercedes v8 at the same time.”

The family lived in Naivasha at an area called kanjo where they had a small posho mill which they had as seen above. But is closed due to the ongoing investigations carried by the detectives.  A witness tells says,” We knew them as business people who had small business like the posho mill in the market.”

In the year 2014 the firstborn of the family got married to a wealthy guy from abroad together with the second born were married. During that period the family had a great financial boost in which people around the area got shocked on the family’s well-being. So the family moved to lake view estate from their previous location. So the residents started asking themselves on how a family which did not have a great financial background from now having all this wealth,and acquiring huge properties.

So when the list concerning the NYS suspects came out the residents were not shocked by it. The only thing that they didn’t know is that the family were getting their wealth from the country’s NYS.